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Breeding american akitas true to the type since 2003

The american akita



is a fairly new breed and was first recognized by the FCI in 2000 as the Great Japanese Dog. Since January the breed has been known as American Akita and belong to Group 5, Spitz and primitive types, section 5, Asian spitz and related breeds.

The American Akita is intelligent, calm and self-confident and is quite hard to impress. It can be very dominant towards others dogs of the same sex.

A stunning dog...


The Akita is an exquisitly looking dog. Learn more about the details of how a "standard" akita looks like.

A part of the family...


As a family dog, the Akita excels and is famous for its loyality to its owner, as well as a good relationship with people in general. 

Difficult with other animals


While Akitas are amazing with people, they can be troublesome with other animals. They are very dominant in nature. 




We've had experience with breeding Akita's since 2003 and have learned a lot and are still learning about those amazing animals. You should never take the decision to buy a dog lightly, but if you have reached this decision, we're aiming to make becoming puppy parents as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. Any puppy from Senseo Akitas contains a DKK pedigree, is well socialized, healthy inside and outside and has livelong breeder support from us. 

DKK Pedigree

All our puppies come with a pedigree from the Danish Kennel Klub - which is Denmark's club in the FCI.  

Well socialized

All our puppies are used to people, loud noises and general life as it happens. This is extremely important to give a dog a good start into its life in the new family and minimize problems.

Puppy information

Over the years we have collected valueable information for new puppy parents. Many of those frequent questions and problems are adressed in the puppy folder you will receive from us.

Livelong breeder support

We don't just sell puppies, we'd love for you to stay in contact. Its important to us, that you have everything you need to raise a great dog. If you need advice - we're here for you.

Healthy inside and outside

The Akita is a very proud and respect demanding dog. This means that it should be treated with mutual respect but also a knowledgeable hand.

Puppy package

You will get a package of useful things for the first time with the puppy including puppy feed, toys and treats. 

But while all this is compelling, you're always welcome to come by and get to know the dogs and have a chat with us about this amazing breed.

A Senseo Akita is a partner for life



And in our life, our dogs have accompanied us to many places in the world. 

Here is a little overview what our dogs have achieved:


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